• Sprouts: Playschool Program

    Our playschool program emphasizes learning through play in a structured and systematic manner with a tremendous focus on multi-sensorial stimulation. In the dynamic environment of our playschool classrooms, your child will be motivated to explore and engage with the world around him. 

    Our playschool approach includes a balance of child-directed and teacher-initiated opportunities, designed to instill a love for lifelong learning in your child. Our passionate and energetic educators provide your child with a consistent routine and schedule, filled with exploration and introduction to new experiences. 

    Regardless of developmental stage, each day is filled with laughter, reading, building self-sufficiency, and hands-on learning.

    The curriculum for playschool program includes activities on tri-Language Literacy (English, Bahasa Melayu & Mandarin), Socio-Emotional Development, Numeracy, Creative Arts, Sciences and Motor Skills Development.
  • Ages

    19 months to 2½ years

  • Ratio

    1 educator to 4 toddlers

  • Contact Us

    Cell Phone: +(6) 013 350 0109
    Mail: info@babyatelier.com.my

  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?