• Infant Care Program

    Our Infant Care Program offers a personalized approach evolving your baby’s sleep and diet routine. At Baby Atelier, we are known for our extremely high level of care. All our nurses are certified medical practitioners who have been trained to carry out CPR and Pediatric First Aid. We conduct regular in-house training to ensure the best possible care and professional conduct.

    Our environment is remarkably clean and hygienic. We use an all-natural and organic range of baby products. Our sanitizing agents are food grade, safe and reliable efficacy over a wide range of food borne, illness-causing microorganisms. We provide a stimulating and assuring environment to ensure your child’s holistic development through story-telling, sensorial play, music & movement, singing and art & craft activities.

    Infant Care Kuala Lumpur | Infant Care Taman Desa

  • Ages

    4 weeks to 18 months

  • Ratio

    1 nurse to 3 infants

  • Contact Us

    Phone: +(6) 013 350 0109
    Mail: info@babyatelier.com.my

  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?