• Children 4-6 Years Old

  • Home Made Volcano Experiment
    Materials needed: Lemon, food colouring, spoon, a small cup of baking soda and some detergent

    • Firstly, cut the lemon into a half and place it on a plate
    • Secondly, add some food colouring to the lemon.
    • Thirdly, use a spoon to mix detergent and baking soda with the lemon. Then, observe the REACTION!
    • Educate your child about what a volcano is and chemical reactions while making this volcano model with them
    • Demonstrates the classic chemical reaction between an acid (lemon) and a carbonate (baking soda). When exposed to acids, carbonate undergoes a decomposition reaction in which carbon dioxide is released as a gas
  • Colour Changing Milk Experiment

    Materials needed: Plate, small cloth, food colouring, fresh milk, spoon and detergent

    • Guide your child to do colour changing milk experiment by mixing milk, food colouring anddetergent according to the video. Then, MAGIC HAPPENS!
    • The food colouring begins to swirl and move around the plate once the detergent is added.
    • It appears to work like magic and is fascinating to watch as different shades of colours are forming or separating apart from the milk.