• Children 2-3 Years Old

  • Home made Playdough
    Materials needed: 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, 1 cup water, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, food colouring

    • Learn to make playdough by mixing the ingredients
    • Prepare the needed ingredients and guide your child in mixing the ingredients together
    • Allow them to observe the change in texture before and after cooking
    • Guide them to add their favourite colour to the playdough and observe it as it changes
    • colour
    • Have fun with the playdough by squishing, rolling, moulding and cutting it!
  • Home made Playdough

    Materials needed: Egg carton, paint, paint brush, scissors

    • Paint egg carton with any colour and allow it to dry. Cut it up into individual segments.
    • Let your child explore, stack and build with the egg carton building block.
    • This activity encourages creativity and imagination as well as developing their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.
  • Recycled Building

    Materials needed: Different types of recycled boxes, empty bottle, egg carton and toy car

    • Arrange different recycled items to form a building, place the toy car on top to let
    • it slide along the pathway.
    • Encourage creativity and enhance the imagination skills among the children.
    • Educate children the concept and importance of recycling.
  • Matching Pegs

    Materials needed: Different coloured pegs, coloured papers and rectangle shape drawing block

    • Prepare various coloured papers, cut into half and label the name of colours accordingly.
    • Cut the remaining coloured papers into small squares and paste them on the rectangle shape drawing block to form coloured tabs.
    • Children are required to grip the pegs and clip them on the coloured tabs accordingly.
    • This activity provides further practice on fine motor skills, finger and wrist muscles in preparation for pencil grip.
    • Enhance children recognition of colours.
  • Basket Weaving

    Materials needed: A basket, different types of strings or shoelaces

    • Learn to weave strings and shoelaces through the holes in a basket
    • The children need to insert the strings and shoelaces into the holes of thebasket and pull them out simultaneously. (Children can do this randomly with any holes on the basket)
    • Guide children on how to manage their fingers when they are holding thestrings and shoelaces. Also, enhance their skills by guiding them on inserting and pulling out the strings
    • This activity can help to improve the children eye hand coordination,
    • prolonged the children’s ability to concentrate on a task
  • Beans Sorting

    Materials needed: An empty plate, three bowls, mung beans, red beans, and popcorn kernels (you may use any other types of beans/rice found in your home)

    • Put and mix all the beans into the empty plate once the materials are ready
    • The children are tasked to sort the beans place them into respective bowls
    • Guide the children to observe the shapes, texture and colours of different
    • types of beans
    • This activity can provide further practice on fine motor skills, finger and wrist
    • muscles in preparation for pencil grip