• Babies Up to 2 Years

  • Water Painting
    Materials needed: Any coloured A4 paper, a small cup of water and cotton buds

    • Guide your child to wet a cotton bud with water and paint their favourite shapes onto an A4 paper using the wet cotton bud
    • Encourages creativity and imagination skills among the children
  • Paint in Bag

    Materials needed: Clear plastic sealable bag, water colour/food colouring and cellophane tape

    • Add some water colour or food colouring into a clear sealable plastic bag and seal itwell before sticking it to the wall or on the table
    • Guide your child to use their fingers to move the paint around or trace letters andnumbers
    • Encourages creativity and imagination skills among the children
    • Facilitates the development of fine motor skills and eye hand coordination
  • Sensory Jars

    Materials needed: Jars, bottles or containers (any shapes and sizes) and dried food (can replace with any items that can be found at

    • Pour dried food into containers and close them tightly. You can tape the lids for extra security.
    • Your child can observe, roll and shake them to explore different items, materials and sounds.
    • Use a variety of container materials and objects for different visuals and sounds.
    • This activity can strengthen their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.