Baby Atelier’s Hygiene Practices

May 11, 2020

Baby Atelier prioritises your child’s health and safety through a series of world class hygiene practices to prevent the transmission of sicknesses and diseases. The
video enclosed strives to share the steps taken each day to ensure that the environment your child is in is consistently clean and safe.

As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”, the health and safety of your child can only be ensured through a strong collaboration and cooperation from everyone.

干净的环境及日常卫生管理在生活中不可或缺,也是 小朋友们成长的必备条件。老师们每日定时的清理及 消毒工作得以保持校园内的整洁。为了过滤校内的空气,校方更添置了数部空气净化器,提升空气质量。 我们每日都尽全力确保小朋友们能在零细菌的课室里学习以及成长!

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